Nutritionist and Dietitian Just for You!


Reem Bashour is an Accredited Practicing Dietititan (APD) who speaks and communicates fluently in Arabic and English. Her fascination of the nutrition world started young with interest in science and food (especially eating it) with a healthy curiosity of medicine.

Her deeper original passions came back to the surface where she mixed food, science medicine, love of life and people together in the form of studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry and Physiology, then completing her Masters of Philosophy focusing on neuroscience (faculty of medicine) and to complete the trifecta, completed a Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics. All degrees were obtained through the University of Sydney over the course of 8 years.

Reem loved the idea that you could change peoples’ lives with food, and with the right balance, she could change peoples’ lives through prevention rather than just cure.

The research degree in the faculty of medicine gave her the opportunity to be almost like a 'pre-doctor', the idea being, instead of going to a doctor when you're 'sick', why can't you go to someone before you get 'sick' to help prevent it or minimise the negative effects when it does happen.

Family is such an important part of Reem's life and journey, and, in part, that's why she really encourages families to look out for one another's health.

Now that Reem is a fully accredited Nutritionist & Dietitian her favourite part of her job is non discrimination helping and supporting people - It doesn't matter what age, or nationality, political or social leanings or religious preferences, she celebrates humanity and the health and wellbeing of humanity!